The number of seconds that a stored state token is valid for.

You can create stored state tokens when you send a Query or action through QMS. QMS stores the query results, including any cardinal placements. If you send a Query action with the Promotion parameter set to True, the stored state token stores the promotion results.

In this case, StoredStateTokenLifetime defines how long the state token is valid for.

If you do not want to limit the token lifetime, you can set StoredStateTokenLifetime to 0. In this case, QMS does not expire the tokens.


If you set StoredStateTokenExpiryPeriod to 0, StoredStateTokenLifetime has no effect.

You can override the configured value of StoredStateTokenLifetime by setting the StoredStateTokenLifetime in the Query action. For more information, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

Type: Integer
Default: 3600
Required: No
Configuration Section: [Server]
Example: StoredStateTokenLifetime=86400
See Also: StoredStateTokenExpiryPeriod