Monitor Rule Usage

You can configure QMS to store data each time it activates a particular rule in the Promotion Agentstore.

QMS uses IDOL document tracking functionality to log a message when a rule is activated. You can then use a script to load the information from your logs to Statistics Server to monitor the most frequently accessed rules. For more information, refer to the IDOL Server Administration Guide.

To configure QMS to log rule usage

  1. Open the QMS configuration file in a text editor.

  2. Create a [DocumentTracking] configuration section.

  3. In the [DocumentTracking] section, set the Backend parameter to Log. For example:

  4. Find the [Logging] configuration section.

  5. Add a new log stream for your document tracking log. For example:

  6. Create a new configuration section for the new log stream. For example:

  7. In the log stream configuration section, set LogTypeCSVs to Events. For example:


    You can also configure any additional logging parameters. For details, refer to the QMS Reference.

  8. Save and close the QMS configuration file. Restart QMS for your changes to take effect.