Promotions Overview

A promotion is targeted content that you want to display to users but is not included in the search results, such as advertisements. QMS promotion rules allow you to return and display promotion documents that are similar to a user query.

You can create promotions in QMS to ensure that certain results return for a particular query. For example, you might want to return a particular set of products when a user queries for phones.

There are two types of promotions:

When you query QMS for promotions, QMS forwards the query to the Promotion Agentstore. The Promotion Agentstore returns a list of promotions that match the query.

QMS stores promotions in a similar way to cardinal placements. However, when you query for promotions, only the promotion documents return.

When you query the Promotion Agentstore, you can also use scope rules to filter the list of results that return according to specific values. For more information on how to set up scope rules and use them in promotions queries, see Scope Rules.