Intent Based Promotions

QMS supports intent based promotions, whereby documents from promotions that are similar to the interests of the user are automatically boosted in the results.


Intent based ranking is licensed functionality, and is not available by default. Contact Technical Support for further details.

To run an intent based promotions query, set IntentRankedQuery to True, and set Username to the user name of the user that you want to target. For example:


In this case, QMS queries the Promotion Agentstore a second time, using the profile terms for jsmith, against the set of promotion rules originally returned. QMS then returns the IDOL Server documents with the references from the QMSVALUE1 fields of the static promotion rules that match this second query as intent ranked promotions.

To use intent based promotions, QMS must be able to communicate with a Community component and a Promotions Agentstore component. You can enable this feature in one of the following ways: