Dynamic Promotion Rules

The table shows all the fields that you must include in the IDX file for dynamic promotion rules.

Required IDX fields for dynamic promotion rules

Field Description Content type or value
#DREREFERENCE The reference for the rule. String
#DRETITLE The title of the rule. String
QMSTYPE The type of the QMS rule. 3
QMSAGENTBOOL The AgentBoolean expression used to match the original query text. Boolean matching expression
QMSFIELDTEXT The FieldText rules to match the original query text. FieldText expression

The value that QMS must return in the autn:promotionname tag. ABC uses this field value as the promotion type. Use one of the following values:

  • Top Promotions. A list of documents that are being promoted internally. Top Promotions are not advertisements.
  • Sponsored. A paid advertisement.
  • Hotwire. Promoted documents that are shown at the top of a results list for a particular keyword, but are noticeably distinct from the list.
QMSUSERTYPE The value that QMS must return in the autn:usertype tag. ABC uses this value. String
DYNAMIC_QUERY_TEXT The query text to send for additional promotions. String
FIELDTEXTRESTRICTION The optional field text restriction for the query to send for additional promotions. Percent-encoded string.
DYNAMIC_DATABASEMATCH The databases to query for additional promotions. String
QMS_SCOPE_RULE (Optional) You can use this field with the PromotionsScope query parameter to return only promotions that match the text that you specify as the scope rule. This allows you to filter the list of returned promotions by user-defined criteria such as a specific department or job function. String list. Separate items in the list with a comma.

You must also add the ALWAYSACTIVE field with the value True, or a SCHEDULE field with iCalendar data. See Create a QMS Rule IDX Document.