Send Synonym Queries that Replace Query Text

You can use QMS to replace all the text in a query with the result of a synonym rule.

By default, QMS replaces terms that match the synonym rule KEYWORDS field with all terms that match the synonym rule CONCEPT field. Other terms in the query are not changed.

You can set the SynonymReplace action parameter in the query to replace all the query text with the CONCEPT.

For example, if you have set:


The following query:

action=Query&Text=I walk my labrador in the park&ExpandQuery=True

expands to:

action=Query&Text=I walk my dog in the park

However, the following query:

action=Query&Text=I walk my labrador&ExpandQuery=True&SynonymReplace=True

expands to:


If you set the SYNONYMREPLACE field in a synonym rule, the value of the field overrides the value of the action parameter when the query matches that rule.

For example, if your query has the SynonymReplace action parameter set to True and it matches a rule that has the SYNONYMREPLACE field set to FALSE, QMS ignores the action parameter and does not replace the query text.