Send Synonym Queries

QMS can expand a query to include all terms that are synonymous with the query text. For each query, QMS queries the Promotion Agentstore for lists of synonyms for the query text. It adds the synonyms to the query that it sends to IDOL Server.

For example, if a synonym rule states that dog is synonymous with hound, QMS expands the query for dog to (dog OR hound) before it sends it to IDOL Server.

Refer to the QMS Reference for more information.

To use synonym queries

  1. Create QMS rules containing the synonym lists.
  2. Send queries with the ExpandQuery parameter set to True.

    If your synonym rules contain a DATABASERESTRICTION field, you must set the SynonymDatabaseMatch parameter to True to apply the restriction. By default, QMS does not apply the database restriction.

For example:


In this query, QMS searches for synonyms that contain the word phone. It includes all synonymous terms in the query and returns results for all terms.