Field Dependent Synonym Rules

You can create a synonym rule that matches queries only when certain FieldText is present. For example, you might have a synonym list that applies only for game products, and you do not want to apply the synonyms for DVDs.

Required IDX fields for field dependent synonym rules

Field Description Content type or value
#DREREFERENCE The reference for the rule. String
#DRETITLE The title of the rule. String
QMSTYPE The type of the QMS rule. 4
QMSAGENTBOOL The AgentBoolean expression used to match the original query text. Boolean matching expression
KEYWORDS A list of words or phrases to match the query text. Comma-separated list of words or phrases
CONCEPT The expanded query text that replaces the matched query text. Replacement string
DATABASERESTRICTION The databases to query. String
QMSFIELDTEXT The FieldText expression that must match the original query. FieldText expression
Referenced Fields All fields that the QMSFIELDTEXT field references must be present in the rule as a field with blank content. Empty field
SYNONYMREPLACE (Optional) A Boolean value that specifies whether to replace the whole query text with the CONCEPT. This field value overrides the value of the SynonymReplace action parameter for queries that match this rule. TRUE or FALSE