Create Boost Rules

Boost rules allow you to add FieldText to queries to IDOL Server. For example, if a user searches for televisions, you can add FieldText to the query that boosts results for a particular brand of television.

The table shows all the fields that you must include in the IDX file for boost rules.


You must add any fields that are referenced in the FieldText expressions to the document as empty fields.

Required IDX fields for boost rules

Field Description Content type or value
#DREREFERENCE The reference for the rule. String
#DRETITLE The title of the rule. String
QMSTYPE The type of the QMS rule. 7
QMSAGENTBOOL The AgentBoolean expression used to match the original query text. Boolean matching expression. Set this field to * to match all query text.
DATABASERESTRICTION Restrict the query to these databases. String
QMSFIELDTEXT The FieldText rules to match against. FieldText expression
Referenced Fields All fields that the QMSFIELDTEXT field references must be present in the rule as a field with blank content. Empty field
CONCEPT FieldText to append. FieldText expression

AlwaysMatchType field

An AlwaysMatchType field to match the rule.

Any non-empty value of anything other than 0