Field-Dependent Cardinal Placement Rules

You can use a cardinal placement rule to insert a document in a results list based on FieldText in the original query. For example, you can insert a value at the top of results when users search for all products in a particular category.

The table shows the fields that you must add to your cardinal placement rule IDX document to include field-dependent rules.

Required IDX fields for field-dependent cardinal placement rules

Field Description Content type or value
#DREREFERENCE The reference for the rule. String
#DRETITLE The title of the rule. String
QMSTYPE The type of the QMS rule. 1
QMSAGENTBOOL The AgentBoolean expression used to match the original query text. Boolean matching expression
QMSVALUE1 The reference of the document to insert. String
QMSVALUE2 The position at which to insert the cardinal placement document in the results. Number (result position)
#DRECONTENT The content to match the Boolean field. Keywords from the AgentBoolean string
QMSFIELDTEXT FieldText that the query must contain to match this rule. FieldText expression.
Referenced Fields All fields that the QMSFIELDTEXT field references must be present in the rule as a field with blank content. Empty field