Use a Query Cooker

If you are using QMS with Autonomy Business Console (ABC), you can use a query cooker to manipulate queries. A query cooker is a JavaScript application that you can create in the ABC user interface. Query cookers modify or enhance queries, for example to add extra query criteria to boost certain results. They provide more flexibility and allow you to use more complex rules to manipulate queries.

Query cookers are for advanced users who want to use the JavaScript API functions.

To use a query cooker

  1. Create the query cooker in ABC.
  2. Add a [QueryCooker] section to the QMS configuration file, which specifies the host and port of the query cooker server. For example:

  3. Send queries to QMS with the Cook parameter set to the name of the query cooker. You can add any additional parameters for the query cooker by setting QueryCookingParameters to a comma-separated list of key:value pairs. For example:


For more details about how to create and set up query cookers, refer to the Autonomy Business Console User Guide and the QMS Reference.