About Statistics Server

The IDOL Statistics Server monitors interactions between one or more IDOL databases and end users. Interactions can occur in two ways:

The Statistics Server monitors IDOL log files for queries or actions that users send to the database, then uses that data to report statistics.

You can determine what statistics the server measures by defining statistical criteria in the Statistics Server configuration file. These statistics can include the following examples:

Statistics are entirely user-defined: a flexible set of parameters allows you to measure a wide range of statistics. You can also specify how often the statistics are reported.

When a user interacts with IDOL, a script or the front-end application sends the Statistics Server an XML record, known as an XML event. If the event matches the criteria of any of the configured statistics, it is included in the statistical tally.

You can use statistics for many reasons; to construct a profile of end users, to see which queries or terms are most popular, to refine promotions, and so on.

You can install Statistics Server when you install QMS with the IDOL Server Installer. It is primarily intended for use with IDOL Search Optimizer.


You can view information on ACI requests, errors, and other statistical information about your server or component in the IDOL Admin user interface. For more information, refer to the IDOL Admin User Guide.