Check Synonym Queries

The XML response from HPE QMS includes the tag autn:expandedQuery, which shows the expanded query text that HPE QMS sends to IDOL Server.

For example:

<autn:expandedQuery>dog hound canine</autn:expandedQuery>

You can use the value of this tag to check that HPE QMS applies the synonym rules correctly.

When multiple synonym rules match a query, HPE QMS processes them one by one. The original query text is modified by the first rule. The output from that modification is the query text input for the second rule, and so on.

HPE QMS includes the <autn:expansionOrder> tag in the query response to show the order in which it applies the rules to the query. This tag contains <autn:rule> tags, which describes the order that the rules are applied.

For example:

<autn:expandedQuery>(dog OR hound OR canine) AND (cat OR kitten)</autn:expandedQuery>
   <autn:rule rule_type="synonym" reference="catsynonymrule" modified_query="hound AND (cat OR kitten)"/>
   <autn:rule rule_type="synonym" reference="dogsynonymrule" modified_query="(dog OR hound OR canine) AND (cat OR kitten)"/>