Image Format Transformation Engine Configuration Parameters

The Image Format transformation engine changes the format of images that are contained in records.

Output engines can output base-64 encoded image data for keyframes, detected or recognized faces, images of number plates, and so on. By default, images produced by Media Server are in PNG format. To output base-64 encoded image data that decodes to another format, use an image format transformation task to modify the image format before sending the data to the output task.

This section describes the parameters that you can use to configure image format transformation.

Configuration Parameter Description
CompressionQuality The amount of compression to use for JPEG images or PDF files.
Format The image format to convert images into.
Input The name of the track that contains the data to transform.
Type The type of transformation engine to use. Set this parameter to ImageFormat.

This transformation engine produces a single output track, named taskName.Output, where taskName is the name of the transformation task.