A comma-separated list of number plate formats to load when Media Server starts. Specify a list of locations using ISO-3166 codes. To obtain a list of supported locations with ISO-3166 codes, use the action ListNumberPlateLocations.

Using this parameter to pre-load number plate formats allows several number plate recognition tasks to share the same resources, which decreases memory use. You might want to pre-load number plate formats if you are processing video from many cameras simultaneously.

Pre-loading number plate formats can also increase throughput when you run many process actions that complete quickly, for example if you are processing individual frames that you have extracted from a video.


If you set this parameter then all number plate recognition tasks must be configured with the same location. When you configure the number plate analysis task, set the Location parameter to the same value.

If you configure a number plate analysis task with the LocationWithPriorities parameter, the locations defined by NumberPlateLocation must be in descending order of priority. For example, if you set NumberPlateLocation=FR,DE,BE, you cannot use the LocationWithPriorities parameter to assign a higher priority to German (DE) number plates than French (FR) number plates.

Type: String (comma-separated list)
Required: No
Configuration Section: PersistentData
Example: NumberPlateLocation=FR,DE,BE
See Also: Location