Vertica Output Engine Configuration Parameters

The Vertica output engine inserts records into a Vertica database. This section describes the parameters that you can use to configure a Vertica output task.

The Vertica database and suitable tables must exist before you start using this engine. For information about creating a Vertica database, refer to the Vertica documentation.

Configuration Parameter Description
Delimiter The delimiter used to separate values in the data to be inserted.
Escape The escape string used in data to be inserted.
Input A comma-separated list of the tracks that you want to output.
OdbcConnectionString The ODBC connection string to use to connect to the database.
OdbcDriverManager The path of the ODBC driver manager to use. (Not required on Windows)
OutputInterval The amount of time to wait between inserting batches of records into the database.
Quote The quote string used in data to be inserted.
SavePostXML Whether to save the files (for example, CSV files) output by the Vertica output engine.
SavePreXML Whether to save records received by the Vertica output engine.
TrackMapping The tracks that you want to output, mapped to Vertica database tables.
Type The type of output engine. Set this parameter to vertica.
XMLOutputPath The path to the directory to use for temporary files and saved output.
XSLTemplate The XSL template to use to transform records into a format that can be inserted into the database.