Milestone Output Engine Configuration Parameters

The Milestone output engine sends information from Media Server to Milestone XProtect Enterprise or Milestone XProtect Corporate. Each record registers as an event with the Milestone surveillance system.


You must set up your Milestone system to accept data from Media Server.

This section describes the parameters that you can set in the configuration section for a Milestone output task.

Configuration Parameter Description
GUID The Milestone GUID of the camera that the events should be associated with.
Host The host name or IP address of the Milestone XProtect system.
Input A comma-separated list of the tracks that you want to output.
Location Location metadata to send with the event.
Port The Milestone XProtect server port.
ProxyTrack The Proxy track generated by the Milestone ingest engine.
SavePostXML Specifies whether to save the data produced by the engine (after XSL transformation).
SavePreXML Specifies whether to save records received by the engine.
Type The type of output engine to use. Set this parameter to MilestoneOutput.
XMLOutputPath The directory in which to write pre- and post- XML files.
XSLTemplate The XSL template to use to transform records into events that can be sent to Milestone XProtect.