A comma-separated list of labels (key/value pairs) to add to the output produced by Media Server. Separate each key and value with a colon (:). You can also separate each key and value with an equals sign (=), but this is deprecated. You can use this parameter to add custom metadata to the output. You can use system, session, and source macros in the label values.

To include a comma, colon, or equals sign in the key name or value, enclose the key name or value in quotation marks ("). You can also use a backslash (\) to escape a comma, colon, equals sign, another backslash, or quotation marks (").

Type: String (comma-separated list)
Required: No
Configuration Section: TaskName or Output


This example adds the following fields to each record in the pre-XML produced by Media Server:

        <label name="key1" value="value1"/>
        <label name="key2" value="value2"/>

Your XSL template must then transform this information into the required format.

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