Genetec Output Engine Configuration Parameters

The Genetec output engine sends records to Genetec Security Center. Each record registers as an event with the surveillance system.

Configuration Parameter Description
BasicPassword The password to use to log on to Genetec Security Center.
BasicUsername The user name to use to log on to Genetec Security Center.
CameraLogicalID The logical ID of the camera to associate events with.
EventID The event type to classify events as in Genetec Security Center.
Input A comma-separated list of the tracks that you want to output.
RecorderHost The host name or IP address of the Genetec Security Center server.
RecorderPort The port of the Genetec Security Center server that accepts event data.
SavePostXML Specifies whether to save the data produced by the engine (after XSL transformation).
SavePreXML Specifies whether to save records received by the engine.
Type The type of output engine. Set this parameter to GenetecOutput.
XMLOutputPath The directory in which to write pre- and post- XML files.
XSLTemplate The XSL template to use to transform records into events that can be sent to Genetec Security Center.