When you train Media Server, the Media Server database is updated with new training data. However, Media Server does not use this training data in analysis operations until it has synchronized with the database.

This parameter specifies whether to automatically synchronize with the database according to a schedule. Set this parameter to one of the following values:


Setting this parameter does not prevent Media Server synchronizing with the database before beginning a Process action. If you want to prevent this, set SyncDatabase=FALSE for the relevant analysis task(s).


You can force Media Server to synchronize with the database at any time by running the actions SyncFaces, SyncDetectors, SyncObjects, and SyncClassifiers.

For more information about configuring how Media Server synchronizes with the database, refer to the Media Server Administration Guide.

Type: String
Default: Periodic
Required: No
Configuration Section: Database
Example: ScheduledSync=Startup
See Also: SyncInterval