The type of database to use to store training data and images (including faces and objects that you want to recognize, and classifiers for image classification).

Set this parameter to one of the following options:

internal Store data in a file, as specified by the DatabasePath parameter.
mysql Store data in a MySQL database.
postgres Store data in a PostgreSQL database.

The internal database is easier to set up but is not recommended for production systems. You might use an internal database for testing purposes. However, be aware that it is not possible to move data from an internal database to an external database.

Using an external database provides better performance and allows you to share databases between multiple Media Servers. To store data in a MySQL or PostgreSQL database, you must first install and set up the database server. For more information, refer to the Media Server Administration Guide.

Type: String
Default: Internal
Required: No
Configuration Section: Database
Example: DatabaseType=postgres
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