A comma-separated list of configurations (in the directory specified by ConfigDirectory) that Media Server can use to perform analysis for other servers that send records for remote analysis. After the name of each configuration, specify the maximum number of processing sessions to allow concurrently. Separate the configuration name and maximum number with a colon (:).

A remote analysis task waits for a record to be processed and returned before sending another, so a single process action on another Media Server requires at most one processing session. However, a Media Server might run several process actions concurrently, and you might want to handle requests from multiple Media Servers.

The following example specifies that Media Server can use the configuration files RemoteFaceRecognition.cfg and RemoteObjectDetection.cfg to perform analysis for other Media Servers. It allows Media Server to start two processing sessions using the RemoteFaceRecognition configuration and three using the RemoteObjectDetection configuration, at the same time.


Media Server requires a visual channel for each remote analysis request that can be processed concurrently. For the previous example, you would need to set the parameter VisualChannels to a value no less than 5. The visual channels are required regardless of whether Media Server receives any requests.

Set MaxRemoteAnalysisConnections to a value that is greater than or equal to the total number of processing sessions that are permitted to run concurrently (5 in the previous example).


String (comma-separated list)

Required: No
Configuration Section: Chaining
Example: RemoteAnalysisConfigurations=RemoteFaceRecognition:2
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