The analysis engine to use. Set this parameter to one of the following values:

AudioMatch Recognize known audio clips in ingested media.
Barcode Detect and read barcodes.
Clothing Provides the location of the clothing worn by a person whose face has been detected.
ColorCluster Determine the dominant colors in images or video frames.
Enroll Add face images to the training database.
FaceDetect Detect faces
Demographics Obtain demographic information such as age, gender, and ethnicity for detected faces
FaceRecognize Run face recognition on detected faces.
FaceState Obtain additional information, such as facial expression, about detected faces.
ImageComparison Identify which parts of an image have changed, when compared to an original image that is stored in the training database.
ImageHash Generate a hash that describes the approximate color distribution of an image or video frame.
Keyframe Identify keyframes.
LanguageID Identify the language of speech.
NewsSegmentation Identifies the times at which news stories start and finish.
NumberPlate Detect and read license plates on vehicles.
Object Recognize known objects.
ObjectClass Classify images.
ObjectDetection Detect objects that belong to known classes.
OCR Run Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
RemoteAnalysis Sends records to another Media Server, which performs analysis and returns the results.
SceneAnalysis Run scene analysis to identify important events in CCTV footage.
SpeakerID Identify speakers.
SpeechToText Transcribe speech into text.
TextDetection Find regions of images and video frames that contain text.
TextSegmentation Combines text (for example, you can combine single words extracted by speech-to-text into sentences).
VehicleModel Identify the manufacturer and model of a vehicle detected by number plate recognition.
Type: String
Required: Yes
Configuration Section: TaskName
Example: Type=Barcode
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