Object Detection

Object Detection finds objects that belong to pre-defined classes, when they appear in media. For example, if you are processing video captured by a CCTV camera, you could train Media Server to return the locations of pedestrians, cyclists, and cars that appear in the video.

Configuration Parameter Description
DetectionThreshold The minimum confidence score necessary for Media Server to output an object detection result.
Detector The detector to use for object detection.
Input The track to analyze.
NumParallel The maximum number of video frames to analyze simultaneously.
Region The region of the frame to restrict processing to.
RegionUnit The units to use when setting the Region parameter.
RestrictToInputRegion Specifies whether to analyze a region of the input image or video frame that is specified in the input record, instead of the entire image.
SampleInterval The interval at which frames are selected to be analyzed.
SyncDatabase Specifies whether to synchronize with the training database before starting analysis.
Type The analysis engine to use. Set this parameter to ObjectDetection.

Output Tracks

Output track Description
Result Media Server adds a record to this track for each object that is detected.
ResultWithSource Records in this track contain the same data as those in the Result track, but also include the source image or video frame.