The type of background that a partially or completely transparent object is superimposed on. You can set one of the following values:

Cluttered The object is superimposed on any type of background.
Uniform The object is superimposed on a uniform background of any shade.
Uniform_light The object is superimposed on a light uniform background.
Uniform_dark The object is superimposed on a dark uniform background.

Setting ObjectEnvironment to Cluttered increases the false positives for transparent objects in the database. The number that it increases by depends on the proportion of the image that is transparent, but typically Media Server returns 30 times more false positives for the Cluttered option than for the Uniform option.


For the ObjectEnvironment parameter to have an effect, the image of the object used for training the database must contain transparent pixels.

Type: String
Default: Uniform
Required: No
Configuration Section: TaskName
Example: ObjectEnvironment=cluttered
See Also: Occlusion