Image Comparison

Image comparison identifies which parts of an image have changed, when compared to an original image that is stored in the Media Server training database.

Before using image comparison, you must train Media Server by adding training images to the training database. For instructions that describe how to train Media Server, refer to the Media Server Administration Guide.

This section describes the parameters that you can use to configure image comparison.

Configuration Parameter Description
Database The image comparison database to use to detect changes to an image.
Identifier A comma-separated list of identifiers that specifies the reference image(s) to compare the image to.
Input The image track to process.
Region A region of the image to restrict analysis to.
RegionUnit The units that the Region parameter uses to specify the size and position of a region.
SampleInterval The interval at which frames are selected to be analyzed.
SyncDatabase Specifies whether to synchronize with the training database before beginning the analysis task.
Type The analysis engine to use. Set this parameter to ImageComparison.

Output Tracks

Output track Type Description Output1This column indicates whether the information contained in the track is included by default in the output created by an output task (when you don't set the Input parameter for the output task).
Result ImageComparisonResult Contains a single record for each reference image that Media Server compared the image to. Yes
ResultWithSource ImageComparisonResultAndImage Contains the same information as the Result track, but each record also includes the analyzed image. No