This configuration parameter is available only if you have configured Media Server to use a GPU. For information about using a GPU to accelerate analysis, refer to the Media Server Administration Guide.

If you are not using a GPU, this parameter is ignored but you can set NumParallel instead.

The maximum number of video frames to analyze concurrently using the GPU (per CPU thread).

If you are using a GPU to accelerate processing, HPE recommends that you set NumParallel=1 and use this parameter to control the number of frames processed concurrently by the GPU.

The amount of GPU memory required by Media Server is proportional to the number of frames that you process concurrently. If you try to process too many frames concurrently, the GPU might run out of memory and cause analysis to fail. You can monitor the amount of GPU memory that Media Server uses with the nvidia-smi tool, or by looking in the Media Server application log.

Type: Integer
Default: 8
Allowed Range: The value of this parameter must be a power of 2 (such as 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128).
Required: No
Configuration Section: TaskName
Example: GPUNumParallel=32
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