This configuration parameter is available only if you have configured Media Server to use a GPU. For information about using a GPU to accelerate analysis, refer to the Media Server Administration Guide.

The maximum amount of time to wait before sending a batch of video frames to the GPU for analysis. After a video frame has been waiting in the queue for this amount of time, video frames are sent to the GPU even if the number of frames is less than that specified by GPUNumParallel.

To maximize throughput and use the GPU most efficiently, configure a long GPUBatchingDuration so that Media Server waits until there is a full batch of video frames to analyze. If you are processing low volumes of frames or require the analysis results as rapidly as possible, you can reduce the duration.

Default: 1000ms
Required: No
Configuration Section: TaskName
Example: GPUBatchingDuration=1500ms
See Also: GPUNumParallel