A comma-separated list of ISO-3166 codes to specify the locations for which you want to recognize number plates, and their relative priorities. All locations must have an associated priority.

For example, if you are recognizing number plates in France but are near the border and also want to recognize plates from Germany and Belgium, you might set LocationWithPriorities=fr:1.0,de:0.1,be:0.01. This instructs Media Server that French, German, and Belgian number plates are expected, but German plates are 10 times less likely to be seen than French plates, and Belgian number plates are 100 times less likely to be seen than French plates.

There are significant differences in the number plates used by countries and states, so to read the plates successfully you must set either this parameter or Location.

To obtain a list of supported locations with ISO-3166 codes, use the action ListNumberPlateLocations.

Type: String
Required: Yes, unless you set Location
Configuration Section: TaskName
Example: LocationWithPriorities=fr:1.0,de:0.1,be:0.01
See Also: Location