A Boolean value that specifies whether to keep the queues for asynchronous actions in memory.


Storing action queues in memory can improve performance but means that the queues (including queued actions and the results of finished actions) are lost if Media Server stops unexpectedly, for example due to a power failure. This could result in some requests being lost, and if the queues are restored to a previous state some actions could run more than once.

Storing queues in memory will increase memory use. The amount of memory required depends on the size of the queues. Ensure that the server has sufficient memory.

You can not store action queues in memory if you want multiple components to share the same queues.

In most cases, HPE recommends using the default value.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: Actions
Example: UseInMemoryDatastore=TRUE
See Also: InMemoryDatastoreBackupIntervalMins