Returns a list of the content in your rolling buffers. For each rolling buffer, the list shows the time ranges that contain video; for example, a stream might be recorded for only one hour a day.

Times are returned in microseconds.

Type: synchronous

Parameter Description Required
Duration The duration of the period to return a list of available content for. No
StartTime Only show content available after this time. Specify the time in epoch-milliseconds or ISO-8601 format. You must use UTC time. No
Stream Only show content for the specified rolling buffer. If this parameter is not set, Media Server returns a list of content for all rolling buffers. No


This action uses port 14000 to contact Media Server on a machine with the IP address, to retrieve a list of content available in the rolling buffer BBCNews for 24 hours from 16:27:54 PM on 21 February 2014.


A sample response appears below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<autnresponse xmlns:autn="">