Image Comparison

This section describes the actions that you can use to train image comparison.


Apart from ListImageComparisonDatabases, ListImageComparisonReferences, and GetImageComparisonReferenceImage, all of these actions are administrative actions. Administrative actions can be sent only by users who belong to an authorization role that allows the Admin standard role, or which enables the action explicitly. See Authorization Roles Configuration Parameters.

AddImageComparisonMetadata Adds custom metadata (a key-value pair) to a reference for image comparison.
CreateImageComparisonDatabase Creates a new, empty, database to store information for image comparison.
GetImageComparisonReferenceImage Returns a training image associated with an image comparison reference.
ListImageComparisonDatabases Lists the databases that have been created to store information for use with image comparison.
ListImageComparisonReferences Returns a list of image comparison references in a specified database.
MoveImageComparisonReference Moves an image comparison reference from one database to another.
RelabelImageComparisonReferenceImage Relabels a training image for an image comparison reference.
RemoveImageComparisonDatabase Removes (deletes) a database that stores information for image comparison.
RemoveImageComparisonMetadata Removes custom metadata (a key-value pair) from a reference for image comparison.
RemoveImageComparisonReference Removes (deletes) an existing reference for image comparison.
RenameImageComparisonDatabase Renames a database that stores information for image comparison.
RenameImageComparisonReference Changes the identifier for an image comparison reference that you have already added to a database.
SyncImageComparisonReferences Forces Media Server to synchronize with the latest image comparison training data in the database.
TrainImageComparisonReference Trains Media Server to identify changes to an image (adds a new reference with a training image).
UnsyncImageComparisonReferences Removes all image comparison training from memory (does not affect the database).

Updates the value of a key-value pair in the custom metadata of a reference for image comparison.