Sets the value of a training option that is applied to a classifier.

You can set the following training options:

Key Description Default

The type of classifier:

  • CNN - Convolutional Neural Network - the default classifier type. In most cases produces more accurate results than the other classifier types. Unless you use a GPU, CNN classifiers can require a large amount of time to train.
  • Bayesian (deprecated). This is the only classifier type that supports prior probabilities (see Priors).
  • Maxvote (deprecated). This classifier requires fewer training images.
iterations The number of iterations to perform when training a neural network classifier. A larger number of iterations can result in more accurate classification, especially for classifiers that contain many similar classes. To find the optimum number of iterations, HPE recommends that you start with a small number, and double the number of iterations each time you train until classification accuracy is acceptable. The time required to train the classifier is proportional to the number of iterations. 500

Changing a training option invalidates all training associated with a classifier. After using this action, you must retrain Media Server by running the action BuildClassifier.

Type: synchronous

Parameter Description Required
classifier The name of the classifier to configure. Yes
key The name of the training option to set. Yes
value The value for the training option. Yes


This example sets the classifierType training option to maxvote: