Returns a training image associated with an object class.

Type: synchronous

Parameter Description Required
classifier The name of the classifier that contains the object class. Yes

The image format to use for the returned image.

  • bmp
  • gif
  • jpeg
  • pdf
  • png
  • ppm
  • tiff

If you do not specify a format, but specify a file name with the FileName parameter, Media Server returns the image in a format that matches the file extension. If you do not specify a format or a file name, the image is returned in its original format.

identifier The identifier of the object class from which you want to retrieve an image. Yes
imagelabel The label of the image that you want to retrieve. Yes

The maximum dimensions to use for the returned image, in pixels, width followed by height.

If you set the width and height, for example 200x300, Media Server returns the largest image that fits within the specified size and maintains the original aspect ratio.

To specify a maximum width or maximum height, specify that dimension and set the other to zero. For example, 250x0 always returns an image 250 pixels wide.

If you do not specify a size, Media Server returns the image at its original size.


You can also set the parameters Output and FileName to write the output of this action to a file.


curl http://localhost:14000 -F action=getclassimage
                            -F classifier=vehicles
                            -F identifier=cars
                            -F imagelabel=image1
                            -o ReturnedImage.jpg


The response contains the image data.

Media Server identifies the image type and sets the Content-Type header to the appropriate MIME type. The Content-Length header is set to the length of the image data in bytes.

If an error occurs, Media Server returns a standard XML error response.