Object Training Options

After you create a new object in an object database, you can set training options for the object. Training options configure how Media Server uses the training data that you supply to create a model of the object.

You can set the following training options:

Training Option Description Acceptable values Default value
3D Specifies whether the object is a three-dimensional object. true, false false
boundaryFeatures Specifies whether there are important features at the edges of the training images. For example if you supply a training image of a rectangular flag, and the edge of the image represents the edge of the flag, set this option to true. true, false false
useColor Specifies whether Media Server adds color information from the training images into the models that it creates for recognition. For example, if you are recognizing company logos but one company often prints its logo in different colors, set this option to false. true, false false

For an example that shows how to add a new object and set training options, see Add an Object to a Database.