Select Images for Training

The following table describes the training requirements for 2-D and 3-D objects:

Object type Requirements

One or more training images.

Media Server creates a separate model for each training image. For example, if a company has many different variations of its logo, you only need to add one 2-D object to your object database. Add all of the training images for the logo to the same object, even if some variations of the logo do not look like the others.


Multiple training images depicting the same 3-D object from all angles.

Provide images of the object from all angles that you expect it to appear in target images. HPE recommends that the images are taken in one continuous process. One way to obtain training images is by recording a video of the object from all angles and extracting images from the video.

As a rough estimate, between 20 and 40 images of an object are usually sufficient to provide accurate detection in a small image.

Media Server uses all of the training images to create a single model.

A good training image for an object: