Classifier Training Options

After you create a new classifier, you can set training options for it.

Set or modify training options using the actions SetClassifierTrainingOption and UnsetClassifierTrainingOption. When you change a training option all training associated with the classifier becomes invalid and you must retrain the classifier using the BuildClassifier action. For more information about these actions, refer to the Media Server Reference.

You can set the following training options:

Training Option Description Default value

The type of classifier that you want to train:

  • CNN - Convolutional Neural Network.
  • Bayesian (deprecated)
  • Maxvote (deprecated)

For information about each type of classifier, see Classifier Types

iterations The number of iterations to perform when training a neural network classifier. For information about how to set this training option, see Classifier Types. 500

For an example that shows how to add a new classifier and set training options, see Create a Classifier.