Import a Classifier

HPE may provide classifiers that you can use with Media Server to classify images. These classifiers are pre-trained, and to use one you only need to import the training data into your Media Server database.

For a list of the available pre-trained classifiers, see Pre-Trained Classifiers.

To import a classifier

  1. Go to and download the classifier to your Media Server machine. When you download the classifier, ensure the version of the classifier matches the version of Media Server that you are using.

  2. Import the training data by running the action ImportClassifer, for example if you downloaded the file to the folder pretrained/objectclass, in the Media Server installation folder:



    classifier The name to give to the imported classifier.
    classifierpath The path of the classifier data file on disk
    classifierdata The classifier data (you can set this as an alternative to classifierpath).

    Media Server imports the data. You can now run classification.