Create a Classifier

Image classification classifies images or video frames into the classes that are defined by a classifier.

To create a classifier

  1. Use the CreateClassifier action with the classifier parameter.

    classifier The name of the new classifier (maximum 254 bytes).

    For example:

    curl http://localhost:14000 -F action=CreateClassifier
                                -F classifier=vehicles
  2. (Optional) Set training options on the classifier (such as selecting the type of classifier) using the SetClassifierTrainingOption action:

    classifier The name of the classifier that you created in the previous step.
    key The name of the training option to set.
    value The value for the training option.

    For example:

    curl http://localhost:14000 -F action=SetClassifierTrainingOption
                                -F classifier=vehicles
                                -F key=classifierType
                                -F value=CNN