Send Actions by Using a GET Method

You can use GET requests to send actions that retrieve information from Media Server.

When you send an action using a GET method, you use a URL of the form:



host is the IP address or name of the machine where Media Server is installed.
port is the Media Server ACI port.
action is the name of the action that you want to run. The action (or a) parameter must be the first parameter in the URL string, directly after the host and port details.
parameters are the required and optional parameters for the action. These parameters can follow the action parameter in any order.

You must:

For more information about the actions that you can use with Media Server, refer to the Media Server Reference.

GET requests can send only limited amounts of data and cannot send files directly. However, you can set a parameter to a file path if the file is on a file system that Media Server can access. Media Server must also be able to read the file.