Configure Media Server

To send data to Milestone XProtect, follow these steps.

To send data to Milestone XProtect

  1. Create a new configuration to send to Media Server with the process action, or open an existing configuration that you want to modify.

  2. In the [Output] section, add a new output task by setting the OutputEngineN parameter. You can give the task any name, for example:

  3. Below the [Output] section, create a configuration section for the engine by typing the task name inside square brackets. For example:

  4. In the new section, set the following parameters:

    Type The output engine to use. Set this parameter to milestoneoutput.
    Input A comma-separated list of the tracks that you want to output. To output information to Milestone, ensure you include the Proxy track generated by the Milestone ingest engine.
    ProxyTrack The Proxy track generated by the Milestone ingest engine.
    XSLTemplate The XSL template to use to transform the output track into a format that can be accepted by the Milestone system.
    Host The host name or IP address of the Milestone XProtect system.
    Port (Optional) The Milestone XProtect server port.
    GUID (Optional) The Milestone GUID of the camera that the events are associated with. This is not required if the video is ingested using the Milestone ingest engine.
    Location (Optional) Location metadata to send with the event.

    For example:


    For more information out the configuration parameters that you can use to configure this task, refer to the Media Server Reference.

  5. Save and close the configuration file. HPE recommends that you save your configuration files in the location specified by the ConfigDirectory parameter.