At End Mode

At End mode creates documents that each represent an asset such as a PDF file, image file, or video file. Media Server creates a maximum of one document for each process action. The document contains all of the records that were generated when Media Server processed that asset.

For example, if you process a video file, all of the records are output to the same document:

This mode is suitable when you are processing image files, because all of the information extracted from the image is added to a single document. You can also use this mode if you are processing video assets but want all of the information about a video file to be indexed as a single document.

At End mode is not suitable if you are processing video streams for broadcast monitoring or surveillance purposes, because Media Server does not output information until processing is complete. Information about events would not be output until hours, days, or weeks after the events had occurred, because in these scenarios process actions are expected to run for a long time.