Media Server includes an output engine for indexing documents into IDOL Server. However, if you want to manipulate and enrich documents before they are indexed into IDOL you can send the documents to a Connector Framework Server (CFS) instead. For example, if you have used speech-to-text to convert the words that are spoken in a video into text, you might want to run Eduction on the text to extract the names of people or places and add these to the document metadata.


The CFS output engine is intended for cases where media is ingested from an external source but you want to send documents to CFS for further processing before they are indexed into IDOL.

Do not use this output engine if the source media originated from CFS and you need to return the analysis results. To return analysis results for media files that originated from CFS, configure a response output task instead. (CFS sends process actions to Media Server and expects the analysis results to be returned in the ACI response).

For more information about using CFS, refer to the Connector Framework Server Administration Guide.