Compare Images

To identify differences between an image and a reference image that you added to the Media Server database, configure an image comparison analysis task by following these steps.

To compare images

  1. Create a new configuration to send to Media Server with the process action, or open an existing configuration that you want to modify.

  2. In the [Analysis] section, add a new analysis task by setting the AnalysisEngineN parameter. You can give the task any name, for example:

  3. Create a new configuration section to contain the task settings, and set the following parameters:

    Type The analysis engine to use. Set this parameter to ImageComparison.
    Input (Optional) The image track to process.
    Database (Optional) The database that contains the references to compare to. By default, Media Server uses all databases. Database names are case-sensitive.

    (Optional) A comma-separated list of identifiers that specifies the reference images to compare against. To use this parameter you must set the Database parameter and the references that you specify must exist in that database.

    HPE recommends that you set both Database and Identifier to reduce the number of comparisons.

    Region (Optional) Set this parameter to compare a region of the ingested image to the reference image(s).

    For example:


    For more details about the parameters that you can use to customize image comparison, refer to the Media Server Reference.

  4. Save and close the configuration file. HPE recommends that you save your configuration files in the location specified by the ConfigDirectory parameter.