Perform Color Analysis

To configure color analysis

  1. Create a new configuration to send to Media Server with the process action, or open an existing configuration that you want to modify.

  2. In the [Analysis] section, add a new analysis task using the AnalysisEngine parameter. You can give the task any name, for example:

  3. Create a new configuration section to contain the task settings and set the following parameters:

    Type The analysis engine to use. Set this to ColorCluster.

    (Optional) The name of the track that contains the images to process. If you do not specify an input track, Media Server processes the first track of the correct type.

    ColorSpace (Optional) The color space in which the results of analysis are provided.
    ColorDictionary (Optional) The path to a dictionary file that associates names with RGB color values. If you set this parameter, the task clusters colors around colors that are defined in the dictionary, and the results will include a name (such as "light blue" or "red") for each cluster.

    For example:

  4. (Optional) You can restrict color analysis to a specific region of the image or video frame.

  5. Save and close the configuration file.