Process Multiple Requests Simultaneously

Media Server can process multiple requests simultaneously.

This means that if required, you can process multiple media sources concurrently. You can configure Media Server to do this to increase throughput (the total amount of media processed in a fixed time), or so that you can process several live video streams at the same time.

Process Asynchronous Requests Simultaneously

The way in which Media Server handles asynchronous actions is defined in the [Actions] section of the configuration file.

To configure the number of requests to process concurrently from each action queue, set the configuration parameter MaximumThreads. For example, to configure Media Server to simultaneously process up to two requests from each action queue set this parameter as follows:


You can override the value of MaximumThreads for specific actions by setting the parameter in the [ActionName] section of the configuration file (where ActionName is the name of the action). For example, if most of the requests received by your Media Server are for the Process action, you could increase the number of Process actions that run simultaneously by setting the MaximumThreads parameter in the [Process] section.

In the following example, Media Server runs up to four Process actions simultaneously, but for other asynchronous actions runs only one request at a time:

MaximumThreads=1 [Process] MaximumThreads=4

The MaximumThreads parameter specifies the number of actions that run simultaneously, not the number of threads that are used. For example, the number of threads required to run a Process action depends on the analysis, encoding, and other tasks that are configured.

Process Synchronous Requests Simultaneously

To configure the number of synchronous requests to process simultaneously, set the Threads parameter in the [Server] section of the configuration file. In the following example, Media Server can process a total of eight synchronous requests simultaneously:


HPE recommends that you only run Process actions synchronously if you expect them to complete within a few seconds.