Use the Internal Database

The default configuration supplied with Media Server stores training data in a database file (mediaserver.db, in the installation directory). If this file does not exist, Media Server creates it when you use an action that requires a database.

You can move or rename the database file but you will then need to change your configuration file to match the new file path.

To use an internal database

  1. Open the Media Server configuration file in a text editor.
  2. In the [Database] section, check that the DatabaseType configuration parameter is set to internal. This is the default setting and specifies that Media Server uses an internal database.
  3. In the [Paths] section, set the DatabasePath parameter to the path and file name of the database file. If this file does not exist, Media Server creates an empty database at this location.

  4. Save and close the configuration file.
  5. Restart Media Server for your changes to take effect.