The Media Server Configuration File

The configuration file is named mediaserver.cfg, and is located in the Media Server installation directory. You can modify the configuration file to customize the operation of Media Server.

The configuration file must include some parameters, such as those that specify the ports to use and those that configure the connection to the License Server.

The Media Server configuration file includes the following sections:

[License] Contains parameters that configure the connection to your License Server.
[Channels] Contains parameters that configure how many visual analysis, surveillance analysis, and audio analysis operations the Media Server can perform at one time. Media Server requests visual, surveillance, and audio channels from your License Server.
[Logging] Contains parameters that determine how messages are logged. You can configure log streams to send different types of message to separate log files.
[Paths] Contains parameters that specify the location of files required by Media Server.
[Server] Contains general settings for Media Server. Specifies the ACI port of the Media Server and contains parameters that control the way the connector handles ACI requests.
[Service] Contains settings that determine which machines can use and control the Media Server service.
[Database] Contains settings required to connect to the database where training data is stored.

For a complete list of parameters that you can use in the configuration file, refer to the Media Server Reference.