Combine Tracks

You can combine two or more tracks into a single track. The "Or" ESP engine creates an output track that contains the records from all of the input tracks. Each record in the resulting track includes the name of the track that it originated from.

For example, you could combine output tracks from speech-to-text and face recognition. The records in the resulting track would contain a transcript of speech in the video, or details of recognized faces.


This engine combines tracks, not records.

To combine tracks

  1. Create a new configuration to send to Media Server with the process action, or open an existing configuration that you want to modify.

  2. In the [EventProcessing] section, add a new ESP task by setting the EventProcessingEngineN parameter. You can give the task any name, for example:

  3. Create a new configuration section to contain the task settings, and set the following parameters:

    Type The ESP engine to use. Set this parameter to or.
    InputN The names of the tracks that you want to output as a single track. Specify two or more tracks that are produced by other tasks.
  4. Save and close the configuration file. HPE recommends that you save your configuration files in the location specified by the ConfigDirectory parameter.


The following configuration combines output tracks from a Barcode task and an OCR task:

EventProcessingEngine0=Combine [Combine] Type=or Input0=mybarcode.result Input1=myocr.result

This task produces a new track, named Combine.Output, that contains all of the records from mybarcode.result and myocr.result.