Encoding Profiles

This appendix describes the encoding profiles that are supplied with Media Server for use with the MPEG and Rolling Buffer encoders.

Video Profiles

The following profiles are MPEG4 profiles that use the H264 codec for encoding video. These are suitable for playback over the web, for example if your users view video using the HPE MMAP Media Player or the native player of a web browser that supports H264.

Name Codec Variable Bitrate
(kbps min-max)
Resolution Display size Notes
mpeg4video_h264_hd H264 3000-8000 1920x1080 1920x1080 High-quality, high-definition.
mpeg4video_h264_720p H264 800-3000 1280x720 1280x720 High-quality 1280x720.
mpeg4video_h264_360p H264 100-800 640x360 640x360 High-quality 640x360.
mpeg4video_h264_sd H264 800-3000 1024x576 1024x576 Use to encode video from a standard definition broadcast source that had non-square pixels.

The following profiles use the MPEG2 codec. HPE recommends using the MPEG4 profiles (above) in most cases, but you can use these profiles if you need to support a media player that cannot decode H264.

Name Codec Variable Bitrate
(kbps min-max)
Resolution Display size Notes
mpeg2video MPEG2 1000-8000 720x576 720x576 Standard 4:3 MPEG2 video.
mpeg2video_broadcast MPEG2 5000-13000 720x576 1024x576 Encodes with non-square pixels (the display size is not the same as the resolution), 16:9 aspect ratio, similar to DVB broadcast quality.

Audio Profiles

Name Codec Bitrate (kbps) Sample rate (kHz) Channels Notes
mpeg4audio MPEG4 AAC 128 48 2 Use with MPEG4 video profiles.
mpeg2audio MPEG2 Audio 192 48 2 Use with MPEG2 video profiles.